The court in London supported the recovery from the banker Pugachev to 75.6 billion rubles.

The high court of England and Wales on 22 February 2016 decided against the founder of Mezhprombank, the former Senator Sergey Pugachev, on the basis of which the determination of the Russian court about collecting from it to 75.6 billion rubles “recognized and enforced in England and Wales,” reads the press release of Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV).

“The high court in absentia confirmed that there is no reason not to bring the definition of Arbitration court of Moscow from 30 April 2015 to the performance outside Russia”, — stated in the message.

In the message of ASV which is competitive managing Director of Mezhprombank, it is noted that the High court made “a decision is an important step DIA on execution of the determination of the Russian court about the involvement of S. V. Pugachev to vicarious liability in order to fully satisfy the claims of creditors of CJSC “international Industrial Bank”.

The representative of ex-Senator Dmitry Morochenko told reporters that Pugachev and his lawyers are not aware of any decisions of the English courts except the decision of the judge (High court London) Vivien rose, dated 12 February in which she “completely disavowed the decision of Arbitration court of Moscow and imposed on the ex-Senator of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the prosecution” (quoted by “Interfax”). He also stressed that the decision of Arbitration court of Moscow challenged in Judicial Board on economic disputes of the Supreme court. In the case of a negative decision will bring a complaint to the ECtHR.

According to Morochenko, DIA charges against Pugachev politically motivated and linked to the forthcoming review of his claim against Russia in the international arbitration court of the Hague on $12 billion “as compensation for the expropriation of its assets.”

The Moscow arbitration court in April 2015 admitted Sergey Pugachev guilty of deliberate bankruptcy of Mezhprombank and resolved to exact from him to 75.6 billion rubles to repay the debt of the Bank. In June the banker was charged with abuse of office when lending to organizations controlled by him. Pugachev, in turn, in September last year filed an international arbitration suit against Russia to $12 billion for the damages caused by the actions of the Russian authorities.

8 February, London’s High court recognized Pugachev guilty in 12 cases of contempt of court, in particular, perjury under oath, in compliance with the disclosure requirements of assets, withdrawal of assets, in violation of the orders of the court, and that Pugachev had illegally left the jurisdiction of England and Wales, said in a press release the DIA. Four days later, the court sentenced the ex-owner of Mezhprombank to two years of imprisonment.

Banker in an interview said that the decision of the High court of London the decision “disavowed all claims of the Russian law enforcement bodies, as well as the decision by the Russian arbitration court on attraction of me to vicarious liability”. “The judge found that I transferred funds, received in credit from VTB on the security of land on Rublevo-Uspensky highway, not the funds of the Bank of Russia to Mezhprombank issued as unsecured loans, according to ACB and Russian law enforcement agencies [in the crisis of 2008-2009 the Central Bank to Mezhprombank unsecured loans to 32 billion rubles. the Bank did not return],” said Pugachev.

Ex-Senator is currently in France, citizenship. In an interview, he said that France is likely to extradite him. According to him, the extradition request is possible only in criminal cases, and against him is considered an administrative offence.