The Ministry has proposed to bring back the sale of alcohol near schools and clinics

That the Ministry of industry and trade has developed the draft Federal law that allows the sale of alcohol in stores located near social and sports facilities, write on Wednesday “Vedomosti” with reference to Deputy Minister of industry and trade Viktor evtuhova.

According to him, the Agency proposes to exclude from the legislation on regulation of the alcohol market, the concept of adjacent areas within which shops and cafes are forbidden to sell alcohol.

The official said that now the radius of the boundaries set by the regional authorities, it can be from 10 to 1 thousand meters. According to studies by the Ministry of industry and trade, if in some cities on a map to impose all restrictions on the sale of alcohol “would still be one legal place is a graveyard”, he said.

Evtukhov believes that the restrictions on the sale of alcohol did not reduce alcohol dependence among the population, and only hit the business. As examples, he cited the reduction in the number of shops and cafes, in which the budget receives less taxes and the excise tax, as well as the growth of illegal turnover of alcohol. In addition, shop owners extort money so near their outlets, for example, a medical office, said the Agency interlocutor.

He noted that the proposals of the Ministry of industry and trade endorsed by authorities and major business associations.

The rules for determining the borders of the territories where it is impossible to sell alcohol, approved by the government in late 2012. Federal law on regulation of alcohol market prohibits its sale in children’s, educational, medical organizations, cultural, sports, military installations, markets and railway stations and adjacent areas.