The Ministry of Finance has warned about the shortfall in the implementation of anti-crisis plan

Your comments to the anti-recessionary plan of the government for 2016, which was approved by the government in February, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov outlined in a letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the newspaper “Kommersant”, which became known the details of the treatment.

In his letter Siluanov recalled that of the 250 billion rubles of funds for the implementation of anti-crisis plan of the government’s anti-crisis Fund has only 120 billion rubles, the Finance Minister says that in fact the government’s anti-crisis Fund has 65 bn about 55 billion rubles may appear in April — when the Federal Treasury will send to the Fund unclaimed balances budget for 2015.

Without editing the budget for this year, the White house can distribute only these 120 billion rubles, Siluanov says. He suggests a way to solve the problem of shortage of funds. The Minister recalled the law of the White house to spend in 2016 to 342,2 billion rubles from the presidential reserve. However, the newspaper notes, in this case the government to achieve the President’s instructions, will have to prove to the President that the anti-crisis plan is more important.

The Finance Minister proposes to reduce the spending from the bailout Fund of up to 120 billion roubles, 130 billion roubles, Siluanov offers to ask the President.

In relation to agenda items concerning the anti-crisis Fund, the Ministry of Finance assumes that the funding of engineering, major reduction of crisis costs of the Ministry of health and export support via VNESHECONOMBANK, Roseximbank and the Russian export hub. Subsidies on loans to industrial enterprises of 10 billion rubles and support of mechanical and industrial engineering 21 billion rubles, Siluanov considers it impossible. The Ministry of Finance insists on the creation of a reserve at 34.9 billion rubles for incidentals.

Part of the plan out anti-crisis Fund of the Ministry of Finance of the proposals does not, the newspaper said.