The state Duma will make to agree on the pickets with the use of “cubes”

The state Duma on Friday, 26 February, will consider the bill, equating rallies and “tent cities” for mass actions. This decision was approved by the relevant Committee on Affairs of public organizations.

The government submitted the bill to the state Duma in late September. The document developed by the Ministry of internal Affairs, amends the law “On assemblies, rallies, demonstrations, processions and picketing”. According to the stories of the rally can be attributed to this form of public event like a demonstration, and the establishment of tents in public places (so-called tent cities) that the picketing. For violation of the proposed rules there is a penalty for citizens-up to 300 thousand rubles, for officials — to 600 thousand rubles, and for legal entities — up to RUB 1 million.

In the first reading the state Duma adopted the bill on 16 February. The second reading of the bill was updated with the amendments from the Deputy-the United Russia party, Sergey Kuzin. According to them, the authorities will need to agree on a single pickets with the use of tents, “cubes” and other pre-fabricated demountable structures if they create obstacles for the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

“Cuba” in his election campaign were actively used by opposition leader Alexei Navalny, when he ran for mayor of Moscow in 2013.

Under current law, such single events do not need in the notification. Thus, without notification of the authorities can now be carried out only a single picket with the poster, and any other action will need to be negotiated.

The Chairman of the Committee Nilov noticed that the amendments it is unclear who will determine, obstructed or not. The author of the amendments cousins replied hesitantly, to determine what will probably be the picketer, but in General has offered “to solve the problems on a rolling basis”.

The Committee supported the amendments and passed the draft law on the adoption on Friday 26 February. The faction “United Russia” will support the bill, said the Deputy Chairman of the Committee Mikhail Markelov. The liberal Democrats would abstain, said the Chairman of the Committee Yaroslav Nilov, a just Russia will vote against.

Last week the state Duma adopted this draft law in first reading. “For” voted only a fraction of United Russia (238 deputies), the rest of the faction voted “against” (attended by 204 members), no abstentions. Almost all of the Duma opposition in the consideration of the bill were actively against it.

The document was recommended by the Committee for adoption in the first reading in early December. However, according to the source in the Committee, his leadership has slowed the progress of the bill, postponing it to the spring session, so it is not associated with held at the end of the year the shares of truckers. Committee Chairman Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) has denied the connection and said that the consideration of short stories was postponed due to the fact that the meeting was unable to attend the representative of the government.

In practice, the activists now agree on the agitation of Cuba, said the Deputy Dmitry Gudkov. “We’ve always applied for approval of cubes. But because of a new amendment suggests that even the stool falls under the definition of pre-fabricated construction. It turns out that almost no shares, which do not need to report to the authorities. It is a tool of intimidation, but in fact if there was an explosion of protest, no amount of laws will not work” — says Gudkov.