VTB group is ready to new purchases

Bank VTB 24 is negotiating the acquisition of the largest regional Bank in the Tyumen region — Zapsibkombank. This writes in Wednesday newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to sources in the banking market.

According to a source, discuss the transaction price of about 1 capital (bn 12-13). Another source said that VTB 24 has already started the due diligence of Zapsibcombank.

The existence of the negotiations and discussed the transaction amount to the edition was confirmed by a source close to VTB group. He noted that “to say that the parties shook hands while prematurely”. According to him, VTB 24 still tends to some discount

Publishing sources say that the buyers of the shareholders of Zapsibcombank are looking for is not the first year. The paper emphasizes that the process could be accelerated due to the change in legislation. the fact that the Bank is headed by Dmitry Goritsky, which directly owns 8,05% of the Bank and on a temporary basis (free of charge) chairs the Committee of the Tyumen regional Duma on budget, taxes and Finance.

In the Tyumen regional Duma of the edition explained that in October of 2015 through legislative amendments requiring deputies to announce the appearance of personal interest in the exercise of their powers, which may lead to a conflict of interest.

According to the portal banki.ru, Zapsibkombank — largest by assets (106,7 billion rubles), the Bank, registered in the Tyumen region. Its network includes 84 points. According to the Central Bank, the volume of funds of natural persons on 1 February is 57.5 billion rubles of Net profit under RAS for the year 2015 — 628,8 mln.