WSJ learned about the preparation of a “plan B” in case of failure of truce in Syria

The heads of the Pentagon and the CIA does not believe that Russia will respect the ceasefire in Syria and try to persuade the Bush administration to increase pressure on Moscow, which implies increased support for Syrian rebels fighting the regime of Bashar al-Assad. About it reports Wall Street Journal with reference to sources in presidential administration of the USA.

According to the newspaper, the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter, Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the Armed forces of the United States Joseph Dunford and the head of the CIA, John Brennan, at a recent meeting at the White house expressed “extremely militant views against Moscow” and urged “to create real trouble for the Russians”, said the source publication.

According to them, Carter and Dunford are going to make official recommendations to the Obama to prepare the so-called “plan B” in case of failure of the armistice by Russia. Now in the White house discussions are ongoing on the action plan. According to interlocutors of the newspaper, Carter is considering several options that include not only increased support for Syrian rebels.

In the discussion in the White house variants, according to the newspaper, intelligence support for Syrian rebels, to help them better defend themselves from Russian air attacks, and possibly contribute to the more effective offensive operations. A less contentious option, which is supported by the majority of Obama’s advisers, implies new economic sanctions against Russia. However, senior administration officials said they doubt that the European powers would support such a proposal, taking into account the importance they attach to trade relations with Russia.

“We have always said that we will judge Russia by its actions and not by words. And it is still relevant, especially after the announcement Monday of the decision on the cessation of hostilities”, – said the publication representative of the presidential administration of the USA. “Let’s be clear: our actions are not directed against Russia. However, our goal does not change the fact that Russia, increasingly immersing themselves in a vicious conflict on the side of the dictator, to plunge into the quagmire. And if Russia does not change course, she will determine your fate,” he added.

Last Monday, the United States and Russia agreed on a truce in Syria. It should enter into force at 00:00 (Damascus) February 27, 2016 (23:00 MSK on February 26).

According to the plan, military action, including air strikes of the Syrian air force, the Russian space forces and the US-led coalition, will continue only against the “Islamic state” and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (both organizations are banned in Russia) and “other terrorist organizations identified by the UN security Council”.