X5 Retail Group has launched a network of alcohol shops “Patinize”

MOSCOW, February 24. The second largest Russian grocery retailer X5 Retail Group (“Pyaterochka”, “Crossroads”) has launched a network of shops of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages “Patinize”. About it reported in a press-service X5.

“They represented augmented matrix of the drinks. This is a pilot project (for X5 – approx.) opening of specialised stores alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with an area of up to 100 meters,” – said the representative of the company.

The outlets will be opened near the shop “Pyaterochka”, but not necessarily in the same building with them, say in X5. The project focuses on the customer “roundabout”, said the press service of the company.

From December 2015, is open 4 such stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg, within the framework of the test project is scheduled to run 10-15 points under the guise of “Patinize”. Further decisions on network development will be taken after analysis of the pilot project in mid-2016, said the company.

X5 Retail Group operates stores under the brand “Pyaterochka”, supermarkets “Perekrestok”, hypermarkets “Karusel” stores “Express Retail”. Major shareholders X5 are “the alpha-groups” (47,86%), founders “pjaterochki” (14,43%), thus 37.64% of the shares are in free float. On December 31, 2015 under the control of X5 was 7 020 stores, including 6 265 shops “Pyaterochka”, 478 Perekrestok supermarkets, 90 hypermarkets “Karusel” and 187 stores “Express”. The proceeds of X5 Retail Group in 2015 increased by 27.3% comparing to the previous year and amounted to 804,13 billion rubles.