X5 Retail Group has launched a network of liquor stores “Patinize”

The second largest Russian retailer X5 Retail Group (network Pyaterochka, “Crossroads”, “Carousel”) has launched a network of liquor stores under the new brand “Patinize”, said on Wednesday the industry portal Retailer.ru. The development of a new retail chain engaged in the same team, which is developing a network of “Pyaterochka”, clarifies the issue. That X5 started to develop its own chain of liquor stores, and knows the owner of Russia’s largest network of liquor stores “Red & White” Sergey Studennikov.

The representative of X5 confirmed that “Pyatnitsa” — the X5 project: “This is a pilot project of opening specialized shops of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with an area of up to 100 meters next to the usual shops “Pyaterochka”. It is aimed at satisfying customers ‘ demands “pjaterochki”: they represented augmented matrix drinks”. According to him, from December 2015, was opened four stores under the brand name “Petnica” in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Within the framework of the pilot project is scheduled to start 10-15 stores, and in the middle of 2016 X5 guide will decide on the future of the project.

Growing up X5

X5 Retail Group operates a network “Crossroads”, “Pyaterochka”, “Carousel”. On December 31, 2015 X5 managed stores 020 7: 6 265 shops “Pyaterochka”, 478 Perekrestok supermarkets, 90 hypermarkets “Karusel” and 187 points “Express”.

In 2015, the revenue of X5 Retail Group increased by 27.3% and amounted to 804,13 billion rubles., previously reported the company. This is the highest indicator of the evolution of the company’s revenues from 2011, said in X5 Retail Group. On the dynamics of revenue growth year-on-year the X5 was ahead of market leader is Krasnodar “the Magnet”, whose revenue in 2015, according to unaudited statements, increased by 24,3, to 947,8 billion rubles. The third turnover by revenue public the player of GC “Dixie” (a network “Dixy”, “Victoria”) in 2015 has increased by 18.9% compared to the 2014 year and amounted to 272,3 billion rubles.

The largest network of liquor stores in Russia is the network of “Red & White”, Chelyabinsk businessman Sergei Studennikova, which is now, according to our data, averaging 2.7 thousand shops. In 2015, according to calculations of the Agency “INFOLine-Analytics”, the network for the first time entered the top-10 largest grocery chains in Russia. The Studennikov in mid-December, said the company’s revenue in 2015 will grow by 80%, to 85 billion rubles (without VAT). But expectations were not fulfilled and the total revenue amounted to about 82 billion rubles (without VAT), told the Studennikov this year. The network “Red & White” took the seventh place in the latest ranking the fastest growing companies in Russia . The second largest network of liquor stores “Bristol”, Kesaeva founded by Igor and Sergey-Kazieva, now has more than 2 thousand shops.