“Yandex” and Google have filed the first lawsuits under the law of a “right to oblivion”

In left-Bank court of Lipetsk has received lawsuits against Internet companies “Yandex” and “Rambler Internet holding”. The relevant data are available on the court’s website. The plaintiff, P. O. kolupayev According to the two sources of “Sheets”, these are the first claims on the so-called law on the right to oblivion on the Internet.

The text of the claims is not published on the website of the court, his representative has not responded to the request of the newspaper. Two of the interlocutor in the companies to which claims were filed, stated that the claims related to the failure of the law on the “right to oblivion”.

While the two sides “Vedomosti” argue that claims under the act were filed for the first time, another source at a major Internet company said that earlier there were other lawsuits.

“We understand the essence of the issue. In any case, as searching for “Rambler” provides “Yandex”, we on “right of oblivion” will focus on their position,” — said “Vedomosti” representative of the Rambler & Co.

According to the representative of “Yandex”, the company has not yet received the lawsuit. Google declined to comment.

The search engines received the first claims under the law of a “right to oblivion” Video: Channel

The interlocutors of “Vedomosti” did not specify what information requires to remove Kolupaev. The newspaper found a couple of references to these data. So, November 2012 on the website of the Prosecutor General’s office published a news, which stated that the Lipetsk regional court found the former employee UFSKN of Russia across the Lipetsk region Kolupaeva Paul is guilty of disclosure of state secrets. The name of this person occurs in other judicial determinations. So, in the database “court decisions.of the Russian Federation” there is evidence that in 2011 in respect of Kolupaeva opened a criminal case under part 5 of article 290 of the criminal code (extortion of a bribe in large amount).