Zakharova: sanctions against Russia won the USA and EU lost

Zakharova: sanctions against Russia won the USA and EU lost

MOSCOW, February 24. The European Union has “demonstrated the absence of their voices and the loss of identity” – such opinion was expressed in an interview with official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, speaking about the sanctions policy of the West towards Russia.

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“I was better opinion about European politics, believed that it is stronger. It is clear that they pressured the United States, but under pressure – do not bend,” said the diplomat. “From sanctions lost to the EU. Won The United States. They urged isolating Russia, but it is with them the trade turnover of Russia has grown. In relations with our partners we were dropped decades ago and the US that are overseas, increased to us trade cooperation. Fantastic! So draw your own conclusions, who benefits from it”, – she emphasized.

“Sanctions were introduced only for contrived political reasons that have no actual motive, – said the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry. – Sanctions policy, from our point of view, is absolutely not effective, a stub method, if it is not about the decisions of the UN Security Council. And unilateral sanctions that are introduced for political pressure, – relic of what I would like to leave in the twentieth century. And in addition, a number of European countries suffer from this situation, it slows down their economic growth”.

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Commenting on the lifting of sanctions after ten years with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, Maria Zakharova noticed that it’s additionally “creates a feeling of absolute stupidity of the sanctions policy”. “On the one hand, and Belarus was trying to push politically, accusing her of all sins and stating that she neruopathy, – said Zakharov. – On the other hand, world leaders recently came to Minsk. And this dualism has led to the impasse.”

According to her, some Western politicians believe that sanctions are a very wise and effective means. “How wise and moreover effective, we all see. And, anyway, the EU is does not add points”, – said Zakharov.

On the accession of Montenegro to NATO

Speaking about the accession of Montenegro to NATO, Zakharova said that Moscow will not put pressure on the government in this matter

Political elite in Montenegro is that a sin to conceal, under the pressure of their Western protectors,” she said, commenting on the question of the entry of this country into the ranks of the Alliance. However, answering a reporter’s question about the possibility of “assistance” from Moscow when the decision to join the Alliance, Zakharova pointed out that Russia does not intend to exert pressure on the internal policy of Montenegro. “We cannot and will not help them in the sense that you said”, she replied.

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“We can talk about the commonality of our views on some issues, but we will not interfere in internal Affairs. With regard to Montenegro, then surely, you need to give a word by Montenegrins. We raise this issue at international platforms, talk about that believe that it is unfair Western pressure on the leadership of this country. But to decide the fate of a state for its citizens is unacceptable, it contradicts the foundations of international relations, for which we stand”. – the diplomat added.

As reported, on 15 February, the Montenegro and NATO began technical talks on the ambassadorial level on the country’s accession to the Alliance. In the headquarters of the Alliance believe that the country’s accession to NATO “will promote strengthening of the sovereignty and defense of Montenegro”. The decision to invite Montenegro to NATO was taken at a meeting of foreign Ministers of NATO in December of last year.

It is estimated that negotiations will continue between 1.5 to 2 years, after which the decision on the admission of Montenegro must approve all 28 NATO countries.

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