ATK: objects of Crimea are not adequately protected from terrorist threats

ATK: objects of Crimea are not adequately protected from terrorist threats

SIMFEROPOL, February 25. /Corr. Alexey Konovalov/. The inspection, carried out anti-Terrorist Commission (APC) of the Crimea, revealed the inadequate protection of regional facilities from terrorist threats.

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This was announced by the chief of staff of the ATC of the Republic of Crimea Alexander Bulychev.

“Found a lack of protection for these terrorist targets. From our point of view, the objects protected even at the secondary level,” he told reporters.

According to Bulychev, was surveyed 1100 of the social infrastructure, more than 800 of the sanatorium – resort complex and 1250 transport infrastructure.

The chief of staff of the ATK of the Crimea announced that is currently developing the Republican program of prevention of terrorism and extremism, which should be adopted this year. The project will be financed from the local budget. “In 2014-2015, the funding available for such activities were not allocated or were allocated in a very small volume,” said Bulychev.

In the list of potentially dangerous from the point of view of terrorist threats on the territory of Crimea 1843 are included of the object and 129 of FEC objects. Are protected also 2132 object of the social sphere.

Who went to fight in Syria, the residents of the Crimea known to law enforcement authorities

All the inhabitants of the Crimea, fighting in Syria on the side of the terrorists, known to law enforcement, said Bulychev.

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“Really, there are Crimeans who went to the so-called volunteer brigades on the territory of Ukraine. There is also information about the Crimeans who have moved to Syria. It is known that some of them have already died there. All who went under review and while none of them returned”, – he told journalists.

Bulychev added that the number of Crimean residents who wish to travel to Syria to participate in hostilities on the side of the terrorists decreases.

“Here we must mention the work of law enforcement agencies. Among the population less and less people who want to go there (to Syria)to leave. Because to take gun and go to shoot – not an easy task. Need to kill a man, and there is no turning back”, he said.

Chief of staff of the APC, called false data previously published in the media, that around 160 people have left from Crimea to Syria to participate in hostilities on the side of the terrorists. “Divide these numbers by three,” said Bulychev.

According to the ATK of the Crimea, 2015 year on the Peninsula for terrorist operations was sentenced five people.