Facebook has introduced an alternative to the Like button

Facebook has introduced an alternative to the Like button

The most popular social network in the world Facebook announced that alternative “likes” from February 24 will be available worldwide. This is stated in the message in the blog social network.

“Reactions” (Reactions), as they are called in Facebook, is tested throughout the last year in several countries, the report says. Today, in addition to the usual “husky” under the publication, users worldwide will be able to leave a smiley face denoting their attitude towards writing — for example, “surprise”, “sad” or “aggressive” smiley. It will be enough to hold the husky some time to appear the menu with different “reactions”.

Photo: a screenshot from the site facebook.com
In Facebook note that during testing and global studies with focus groups, staff social network is also trying to determine what emotions people often experience when reading the posts, and some of them want to share with others. During the observation of user behaviour in Facebook also included some stickers and emoticons are the most popular, to identify which emotions are the most popular.

The Like button (“like”) appeared on Facebook immediately, but only after five years after launching the social network. In September 2015, the media reported that Facebook may soon enter button Dislike (“dislike”). However, the founder and CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg said that the introduction of new buttons should not encourage negativity in the social network — like button in YouTube of disapproval; on the contrary, they should be directed at “expression of empathy”, for example in the case of news about disasters and loss of life.

Daily audience of Facebook in December 2015 reached 1 billion users, reported the revelation, presenting the financial results for the year. Compared with December 2014, this figure increased by 17%. The number of those who use Facebook on a monthly basis, increased by 14%, to 1.6 billion (as at 31 December). Profit Facebook for the whole of 2015 grew by 25%, from $2.94 billion to $3,69 billion, follows from its reporting.

However, investors social network update of “likes” are not very pleased: the price of Facebook shares traded on the NASDAQ, as of 18:00 Moscow time will be reduced by 1.5% over the closing price on February 23, the company’s market capitalization is $295,4 billion.