Lavrov expressed the need to develop a plan for economic rehabilitation in the Middle East

MOSCOW, February 25. The global community should begin to develop a strategy for socio-economic rehabilitation of the Middle East and North Africa. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in his welcoming message to the participants of the discussion club “Valdai”. The text published on the website of the Russian depodesta.

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“It is clear that sustainable stability is impossible without the elimination of the hotbed of the terrorist threat, first of all, the grouping of the IG (“Islamic state” that were banned in Russia – ed.), seized control of large territories in Syria and Iraq, said the Minister. – This task focused initiative of President Vladimir Putin on formation of a broad anti-terrorist front on the international legal framework and under the auspices of the UN. Of course, such work will not succeed if there is no end to the attempts to use terrorists as pawns in dubious political games”.

“At the same time that the international community needs to redouble its efforts to resolve the multiple crises, to proceed with the development of a comprehensive strategy of political stabilization and socio-economic rehabilitation of the Middle East and North Africa,” said the Minister.

“Our country is an active participate in solving these large-scale problems, he said. – With the active participation of Russia reached an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, launched the “Vienna process” to facilitate a political settlement in Syria. Air and space forces of Russia in coordination with Damascus continue the operation to liberate the Syrian territory from the militants and other terrorist groups”.

“We will continue to promote sustainable settlement of conflicts and crises in the region based on international law, through an inclusive national dialogue,” Lavrov said.