Live journal has established exchange bloggers

A project called “the bloggers Exchange” told press Secretary of the holding Rambler&Co (includes “Live journal”), Sofia Ivanova.

The main idea of “the bloggers Exchange” — working advertisers with bloggers without intermediaries. “The bloggers exchange”, the report says Rambler&Co, allows the advertiser to select blogger from the list by specific criteria (audience, theme, the cost of the post), to ask him a specific task to promote the brand, to approve the post before publishing, and to receive the analytical report on the campaign in the dashboard.

In Rambler&Co noted that the introduction of a tool such as exchange, makes the process of payment and receipt of money between the advertiser and blogger as transparent and quick.

Register on the exchange anyone can learn. If the user confirms that he is a tax resident of the Russian Federation. The rules state that the blogger will get 62% of the total amount of remuneration after payment of personal income tax (13%), insurance premiums (27.1%) and Commission LJ (15%). Live journal also takes a Commission from the advertiser — there is no fixed percentage, it will be calculated depending on the complexity of the campaign.

“Due to the fact that information noise is growing, and direct advertising often leads to increased confidence in the product, it was decided to assist our partners and colleagues, — said the first Deputy General Director of Rambler&Co Maxim Tadevosyan. — We expect that “the bloggers Exchange” could be popular not only among brands but also among beginners, for whom life in can become not only a hobby, but a new line of income in your personal budget”.

Live journal — Russia’s largest blogging platform. It exists since 1999. Since 2013 he is part of the holding Rambler&Co (formerly “Rambler-Afisha-SOUP”), Vladimir Potanin and Alexander Mamut. Learn registered more than 50 million blogs. Audience in January 2016 amounted to 15.2 million people (TNS Web Index, Russia, in the age group of 12 to 64 years).