Lukashenko: situation in the world forces of the Russian Federation and Belarus “keep your powder dry”

Lukashenko: situation in the world forces of the Russian Federation and Belarus “keep your powder dry”

MINSK, 25 February. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at the session of the Supreme state Council special attention will be paid to the defence construction.

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“The continuing military-political crises, the return of a number of countries to block the thinking, the widespread use of sanctions as an instrument of political pressure are forcing us to keep our powder dry,” said he, stressing that this is why “special attention today paid to the defence construction.”

Lukashenka also stressed that the major world powers and neighbouring countries “pay close attention to foreign policy activity of Belarus and Russia, the military aspects of our cooperation”. According to the President, review and approval of the program of concerted actions in foreign policy of States the Treaty establishing the Union state for 2016-2017 – still one of the topical issues on the agenda of the GHS.

Moscow and Minsk are able to turn the tide with a fall in turnover

Lukashenko is sure that Belarus and Russia can overcome the tendency of reduction of mutual trade.

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“For the third year there is a fall in bilateral trade. In 2015 it has fallen by more than a quarter. This negative trend, we can and must overcome through joint efforts”, – said President Alexander Lukashenko at the session of the Supreme Council of the Union state. According to him, any imbalances in the relations between countries, inconsistency in economic policy is sensitive to bilateral trade.

Lukashenko stressed that today the Federal building is in very difficult conditions. “Our integration test to the global economic instability, a crisis of confidence in international relations, the escalation of armed conflict and the aggravation of information war”, – said Lukashenko.

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He noted that the current situation should not affect the priorities in the work of the Union state. “The key to achieving the overall goals of integration continues to be constructive dialogue in politics, economy, security, social and cultural spheres”, – said Lukashenko. He recalled that during his recent meeting with Putin in Sochi, the sides confirmed their desire to strengthen Russian-Belarusian cooperation in all areas. Lukashenko stressed that the elimination of barriers, the effective functioning of the single market of goods, services and capital, and mutual support areas of common interest of the countries.

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