Menu McDonald’s Kazakhstan can receive burgers from meat goats

MOSCOW, February 25. The franchise owner of McDonald’s in Kazakhstan, Kairat boranbayev, which consists in related communications with the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, in the next 3-5 years is planning to open in Kazakhstan by 15 franchising of McDonald’s restaurants. He said this on Thursday at a press conference dedicated to the release of McDonald’s Corporation on the market of Kazakhstan.

“In the near future intend to open 15 restaurants in Almaty and Astana to further develop the network in other cities of Kazakhstan,” said boranbayev. According to him, investment in the opening of the first restaurant in Kazakhstan amounted to $3.5 million the First restaurant in Astana will be opened on 8 March 2016. As explained in an interview with boranbayev, the second McDonald’s restaurant can be opened in Almaty in may 2016, the amount of investment – about $3.2 million

Promising market

According to the President of McDonald’s Russia, Khamzat Khasbulatov, the company has long sought a partner in Kazakhstan and believes this market is very perspective for development. Kazakhstan will become the 120th country presence for the Corporation, he said. It is planned that a significant part of the food supply (about 95%) for the needs of the network in Kazakhstan will take place in Russia. At the same time the franchise owner considers very important the development of a network of local suppliers. In particular, the products of Coca-cola will be supplied from the local market. In addition, boranbayev intends to seek opportunities of localization of production of salads and baked goods.

Answering the question about the possibility of introducing into the menu in Kazakhstan national dishes – for example, Burger meat goats, boranbayev noted that the Corporation often follows the path of the localization menu and this possibility cannot be ruled out. “In many countries there are localization, local products. We will try to proceed from the needs of our visitors in the future to focus on local cuisine,” he said.

Boranbayev also currently is the franchisee for McDonald’s in Belarus. The franchise owner confirmed to reporters that his daughter married the grandson of the President of Kazakhstan.

McDonald’s in Russia

Earlier, in late January, Khasbulatov told that McDonald’s intends to enhance the development of the franchise in Russia and is ready in the next five years to convey the development of a significant part of restaurants to the Russian partners, to accelerate expansion in the regions. Until recently, the company preferred to develop independently in the Russian market, and only a few restaurants under the McDonald’s brand managed by local partners. While in Western countries the franchise develops 80-90% of the institutions network, said Khasbulatov. According to him, if in the next 3-5 years, the number of points developed by the franchise will be 20% of the total number of restaurants “McDonald’s” in Russia – it will be a “good starting point”.

McDonald’s has been working on Russian market for more than 25 years. The same network of restaurants in Russia with more than 540 institutions.

In 2015, McDonald’s has opened 59 restaurants in Russia and plans to maintain this rate of expansion in 2016, the company’s Investment in development on the Russian market this year may reach almost 9 billion rubles.