Nemeryuk: the list of “second wave” of demolition of unauthorized constructions from party “the Apple” is a fake

Nemeryuk: the list of “second wave” of demolition of unauthorized constructions from party “the Apple” is a fake

MOSCOW, February 25. Annex to the resolution of the Moscow government on the demolition of non-stationary trading pavilions, which got 364 of the object made public by the party “Yabloko”, is bogus. On Thursday Corr. said the head of the Department of trade and services capital Alexey Ameryk.

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“Picked at random” objects

So he responded to appeared media reports that representatives of the Yabloko party at a press conference in Moscow allegedly released the draft document, which must now pass the coordination in the government of Moscow.

“This is nonsense, the draft of the resolution to be false, not relevant to reality. This can be seen if only because there were already demolished objects. Generally it is a nonsense, objects nadergano from various previously published lists. In the near future we will release on its website official denial about these documents”, – said Nemeryuk.

The new list is not generated

In turn, the head of the state inspection for real estate of Moscow Sergey Sokurov said that the new targeted list of especially dangerous objects of unauthorized construction have not yet formed. Work on formation of the list will take several months and the claim of already generated the list and the number of objects that you get in, premature.

“Currently, joint working with sectoral ministries and departments for the study of topography to determine the presence of engineering networks and objects in the zones with special conditions of using territories” – said the head of the controlling Agency.

Sokurov stressed that the decision on the fate of the object will be made only after consideration and analysis of all documentation. According to the results of the review and approval of the government of Moscow will be presented the draft of a legal act with the address of a list of objects of unauthorized construction in respect of which should be made the decision to dismantle.

The demolition of illegal buildings in the capital

Large-scale demolition of the retail pavilions that the city authorities have recognized the squatter, began in Moscow on the night of 9 February. Then was initiated the dismantling of the 97 objects, and all are to be demolished 103 of the object. To complete the works authorities plan by the beginning of March.

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As reported earlier, first Deputy head state inspection for control over use of objects of real estate of Moscow Timur Zeldich, these objects are recognized as illegally constructed on several grounds: “Land plots for capital construction of the city did not allocate the permission for the construction of capital facilities and the acts of commissioning of objects of capital construction, were not issued”.

For their part, the owners of buildings believe in the illegality of the demolition. Entrepreneurs claim that had the ownership of commercial properties and all the permits, confirmed the decisions of the courts.