“Opening Broker” invested in trading stocks with smartphone

“Opening Broker” (enters into holding “Open”, the largest shareholder of which is Vadim Belyaev) together with a private investor (investor is not disclosed) has invested $1 million in a mobile platform “Source”, which will allow using a smartphone to trade stocks and other brokerage products.

“Source” is a “store” of products from different brokerage firms: to use it, you need a mobile device and a card with money is to trade stocks service create account thousand. Also the user will need to enter into a contract with a broker and identify your information through the portal “public Services”, explains the principle of operation of the application Creator Robert Bagratuni. According to him, the great interest in the project shown by management companies, but so far the main providers of brokerage products are “Opening Broker” and BCS.

“We entered the project hoping that in the next few years the new service will have millions of Russians”, — presented in a press release about the launch of the project the words of Deputy General Director of JSC “OTKRITIE Broker” Vladimir Krekoten. The Chairman of the Board of Bank “BKM Opening” Evgenie Dankevich the notes that now the citizens for getting services from the comfort of home. “The company observed it on the example of the “Point” within which a fully implemented remote service entrepreneurs, as well as partnerships with Rocketboom, which is focused on private clients,” he says. “Customer interest in these services has exceeded our expectations, so we also appreciate the prospects of the project “Source,” adds Dankevich.

The founder of “the Source” Robert Bagratuni comes from Mail.Ru Group, where he managed projects in the field of videoproduction and performance marketing.

How much exactly has been the “Source” from the Bank, was not disclosed. According to the SPARK database, as of December 21, 2015 “Opening Broker” is a minority shareholder (4.8 per cent). 52,4% in open company “the Source” belongs to Sergey Korchagin, 42,9% — OOO, which, in turn, 61% owned by the founder of Bagratuni, Robert service, the rest to other individuals.

“Partners “Opening” help us to understand this market and to gather initial information so that we can understand the scale and prospects of development of such a service, explains Bagratuni in conversation with . — We had technical experience, and they have expertise in the financial market”.

Russian equivalent

The creators believe their platform the equivalent of the U.S. service Robinhood, founded in 2014. In January 2016, the service took 11th place in the list of most innovative companies in the world (according to the magazine Fast Company), the first place among companies in the financial sector — “For access to the exchange without intermediaries”. Now, Robinhood is only available in the US, but in the near future it is planned to start in Australia, where a request for prior registration, it already has left 20 thousand people. In the past year were conducted using Robinhood transactions totaling more than $2 billion.

A similar app for stock trading already has BCS — “My Broker” similar service “Simple investments” — in July last year launched the Alfa-Bank (only there users are trading not the actual shares and contracts for difference — that is betting on the rise or fall of stocks, not buying them).

“It is obvious why the BCS and the “Opening” — once the market appears a large number of traders, the market begins to grow very rapidly. In the US, where the stock market is huge compared to the Russian, a stock trades each second a housewife,” says the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank, “Come on!”, President Strategic banking club, founder of the consulting company BULAD&Co bulad Subanov. “Traditional” brokers have always been very complex and not focused on the customer system, which basically used the professional participants, now with the reduction in the number of professional participants on the stock market big brokers are ready to sponsor any service which will reduce the barriers to enter this market and, consequently, to stimulate its development, he points out.