Partner of Pimco called investments in emerging markets “idea of the decade”

Assets of developing countries is so much cheaper that purchasing them can be a “trade of the decade”, says Research Affiliates LLC, partner at one of the world’s largest asset management companies, Pacific Investment Management Co (Pimco). On Thursday according to Bloomberg.

Sale “nervous investors” assets from emerging markets opens up great opportunities for those willing to wait again when things go smoothly, I’m sure the chief investment officer of Research Affiliates, Christopher Brightman.

In his article on the Pimco website Brightman notes that it is investing in assets of emerging markets are now the most potential.

“We are increasingly confident in our positions in the markets of shares and bonds developing countries,” said Brightman, according to which by 31 December 2015 the share of securities of developing countries in the portfolio, Pimco All Asset Fund was 35%, and in Fund Pimco All Asset All Authority — 39%.

At the end of January 2016, analysts at Bank of America Merill Lynch noted that foreign investors are generally willing to increase investments in the Russian assets, but only if the stabilization of oil prices. In addition, investors ‘ fears of a cause of the continuing sanctions imposed against Russia by the US authorities, the EU and other States.

Over the past 12 months net cash outflow from funds investing in Russian shares amounted to &1.1 billion.