Rosavtobank ceased to conduct transactions on the accounts of depositors

Rosavtobank does not conduct operations on the cards and in the Internet Bank due to technical reasons. Said the operator call center Bank presented Hope. The question of when will be fixed, the operator did not respond. She also added that the contributions can be collected by appointment five days after the filing of the application. Restrictions on the withdrawal amount no currency or ruble-denominated deposits.

“Now the Bank experiencing temporary liquidity problems, but the Bank expects revenues from major lenders, both individuals and legal entities”, — said the operator call center. The problems with the billing service companies do not, “payments are held, the client-Bank for legal entities is working,” she said.

February 5, RAEX rating Agency downgraded the credit rating of RosEvroBank to the level of “B+” (“low level of creditworthiness”) and revoked it due to the refusal of the Bank from maintaining the public status of the rating. The Agency pointed to a significant reduction in the coating liquid assets borrowed funds in January 2016. “Besides, there are high risks of violation of the capital adequacy ratio even after the completion in late January, 2016 additional issue of shares”, — noted in the release of the Agency.

About liquidity problems at the Bank became known earlier this year when he on 14 January has not fulfilled its obligations under repurchase agreements of € 2.2 billion thereafter, 15 January the rating Agency “Expert RA” downgraded Rosavtobank from A to B++.

The revision of the rating Agency explained the sharply increased levels of reputational and regulatory risks, in particular with default of obligations under REPO, as well as with the decrease in the level of information transparency and change the format of client payments, noted in the message of rating Agency.

Rosavtobank specializes in lending to small and medium businesses, attracting funds of population to deposits. The Bank is controlled by its Chairman Vladimir Puchkovym, who together with his family owns the largest stake in the amount of 18.9%.

According to “the”, 205 Rosavtobank takes place in terms of assets. The Bank was funded mainly by private individuals (50%). As of 1 December 2015, deposits of individuals amounted to $ 7,47 billion rubles. the Bank has not provided official comment.