Shuvalov: the CBR and the Finance Ministry will adjust the currency legislation

MOSCOW, February 25. The CBR and the Finance Ministry will adjust the currency law for the success of the program of legalization of the capital, said at the expanded Board of Federal tax service of first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

“Yesterday at meeting in the government discussion on how to modify the exchange legislation is discussed together with the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank, since some norms of currency legislation now prevent Kikah legislation (controlled foreign companies – approx.ed.) and on the Declaration”, he said, noting that these norms will change.

After that, according to Shuvalov, the information campaign for the legalization of capital will be restarted.

“Indeed, the first stage of the Declaration was well enough, if not that bad,” he said, noting that this was largely “because of General distrust to the system”.

Many people fear that they will fill in the appropriate Declaration and bring them to the tax authorities, and then it all will be revealed and will work against people,” he explained. While the trust has not arisen, said Shuvalov.