Simultaneous replacement of OSAGO forms will be held for the insurers, not consumers

MOSCOW, February 25. One-stage replacement forms CTP will be made for insurance companies and not for consumers of this type of insurance service, told reporters the President of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) Igor Yurgens.

“It (the replacement) is a cross-sectional insurers. All insurers will receive simultaneously the respective policies. How will they interact with their policyholders, whether they will encourage some of them to come voluntarily to change the form to a new one, or they will work with local traffic police authorities for verification of old policies is not in any way is the essence of the problem,” said Jurgens, adding that the motorists replacement forms CTP will take place as of the expiration of old contracts CTP.

As explained Executive Director of the PCA Evgenie Ufimtsev, training update forms CTP is handled by a special working group comprising representatives of “all insurance companies”. But to publish the documents of the working group (the project implementation period, expected outcomes, membership of the group – approx. ed) in the PCA refused.

Ufimtsev noted that the renewal date of the forms remains the same – July 1, and the printing will have to release about 50 million policyholders with enhanced protection. Entered into prior to July 1 of the contract CTP will be legitimate and after the designated deadline.

“We have always focused on form and not on the Treaty itself. We were often interpreted in a different way, thought suddenly, after July 1, the old contract is not valid. Everything working, no problems in this part will not arise,” – said Ufimtsev.

The question of how insurers are planning to upgrade forms of CTP without the support of the Bank of Russia, the President of the PCA stated that it is their business.

“The replacement forms, if it is, as I repeat again, does not concern in any way the rights of consumers, is our business. If you want to say that I am every day, when you sneeze, must run the Central Bank, it is not so,” said Jurgens.