The city Council of Petrozavodsk has recognized unsatisfactory work of Galina Chisinau

PETROZAVODSK, February 25. /Corr. Igor Lukyanov/. Deputies of the city Council of Petrozavodsk admitted on Thursday the work of mayor Galina Chisinau and local administration results 2015 to be unsatisfactory, the correspondent.

Of 19 present at city Council session the deputies for unsatisfactory performance evaluation voted 18 people, one abstained. Deputies of Petrozavodsk consists of 26 people.

“The administration has proposed to put a rating of “satisfactory”. The deputies are completely different opinion regarding the activities of the mayor and the administration to evaluate the work as “unsatisfactory”, – said the Deputy of the city Council Paul Sandberg.

By the end of 2014, the mayor and the administration of Petrozavodsk have also received a failing grade of the city Council. Under the Charter of the city, two unsatisfactory ratings set by the deputies of the city Council the mayor is one of the reasons for his resignation.

Deputies of the city Council of Petrozavodsk on December 25 2015 sent mayor Galina Shirshina to resign for dereliction of duties within three and more months. In January 2016 the Petrozavodsk city court confirmed the legality of the resignation. After that Shirshina appealed against his dismissal in the Supreme court of the Republic of Karelia. Date of the meeting has not been scheduled yet.