The defense Ministry responded to the publication of Bellingcat on MH17

In the answer published on 24 February report of the international expert and journalist group Bellingcat, is devoted to the downed Boeing over the Donbas, the Ministry of defence has denied the involvement of Russian military to the tragedy of flight MH17. “No standing armed with anti-aircraft complex of the Russian-Ukrainian state border is not crossed,” — said the Deputy head of the press service and information Department Alexei Komarov, the reply submitted on Thursday to the request . In his words, “conspiracy theories” journalists ‘ groups have repeatedly refuted by bloggers and experts. “So serious comments [evidence Bellingcat] not be” — sums up the Mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes also noticed that the position of the defense Ministry over the tragedy has not changed. “The Russian defense Ministry has repeatedly and publicly and convincingly acted out their position on the causes of the disaster and the probable involvement of members of the Armed forces of Ukraine”, — said Deputy head of the Department.

This is the first time the defense Ministry publicly commented on the report of the international expert and journalist group Bellingcat.

Wednesday, 24 February, researchers Bellingcat has published on its website a report on the circumstances of the tragedy of Malaysian airlines flight MH17. The authors of the report believe that we were able to designate a circle of Russian soldiers, who with high probability, participated in the transportation of self-propelled installation of fire SAM “Buk-M1” to the Russian-Ukrainian border. The researchers called more than two dozen soldiers and officers of the 53 anti-aircraft missile brigade from Kursk who could operate the “Beech”. The names of the team gave the summary interrogation team (JIT Joint Investigation Team) in the Netherlands.

After the crash Boeing in July 2014 of the Deputy chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces Andrei Kartapolov have called the Russian version of the tragedy. According to him, all evidence indicates that MH-17 was shot down by the Ukrainian military. The active participation of Russian servicemen in the war in the Donbas, official Moscow has always denied.