The Federation Council will forbid themselves to criticize the authorities

Committees of the Federation Council on rules and on constitutional legislation discussed Thursday a draft code of ethics of the senators. The document (available to order) consists of nine chapters and is a “set of General principles of professional ethics, which establishes the basic standards of conduct of a member of the Federation Council”.

Members of the upper house of Parliament should not “be allowed in their statements, the statements that discredit the work of the Federation Council or the Supreme bodies of state power of the Russian Federation” written in the code. “Performances need to be fair and balanced,” — the document says. They should be aimed at ensuring the protection of human rights, the strengthening of “democratic foundations of statehood and of Russian federalism”.

If a Senator violates this rule or make remarks, degrading someone’s honor and dignity, the Senator must “publicly acknowledge the incorrectness or the falsity of his statements” and apologize to those he insulted.

In addition, in the Federation Council “are not allowed individual and collective action to end the meeting” and to act not on the agenda, is written in the draft code of ethics.

Each member of the SF contributes to the creation of “a climate of goodwill, responsibility and mutual support” should be tolerant and avoid command-and-writ the style of communication.

The Federation Council members should “serve as a model of strict observance of the law” and “to show high moral qualities” and to refuse inappropriate benefits and any gifts.

To complain of the conduct of Senator any person, or group of citizens, his colleagues or officials. The Committee shall review the application within one month and make a recommendation. The violator may be advised to apologize to his colleagues to speak publicly about the violation and inform him about the errors of the regional authority, which is the Senator.