The Parliament of Dagestan approved the new anthem of the Republic on the poems of Rasul Gamzatov

MAKHACHKALA, February 25. /Corr. Nizami Hacibalayev/. The people’s Assembly of Dagestan has approved on Thursday a new hymn of the Republic music by Murad Kazhlaev and a poem by Rasul Gamzatov “Oath”. For its adoption voted 80 deputies, against – two (all in Parliament of region 90 deputies).

Mountain rivers rushing to the sea,
Birds to the tops the way your do,
You are my hearth, my cradle,
My oath – Dagestan

from the new anthem of Dagestan

“The idea of changing the anthem did not arise on an empty place. We have to savour the time we have to feel the prospects, and we should have an anthem that can live in time and space. We must be a hymn that will be sung in Dagestan, and the anthem we have to learn both in Russia and abroad. Face it, our mentality, our spirit Dagestan”, – said the head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov.

In a new hymn about the nature of Dagestan, the people of the Republic and fidelity to the Motherland.

Earlier media reported that at the end of 2014, when Abdulatipov presented the first version of the anthem, he said that “the anthem sounds like a funeral notice” and requested re-examine the issue, pointing to the text Gamzatov and music Kazhlaeva, written in 60-ies.

The Commission to change the national anthem of Dagestan considered four options – a hymn to music Shirvani chalaeva with the text to the poems Gamzatov, national anthem “my Dagestan” folk melody with text on poetry Gamzatov, national anthem the words and music of Gregory Simakova and anthem “Oath” to the music of Murad Kazhlaev with the text to the poems Gamzatov. In late January, the Commission summed up the results of the competition to change the national anthem. 12 out of 14 votes went to the anthem, “the Oath”.