The Syrian opposition has agreed to a two-week truce

As reported by Reuters, in support of the ceasefire for a period of 2 weeks expressed Higher Committee on negotiations of the Syrian opposition, supported by Saudi Arabia. Opponents of President Bashar al-Assad said that a temporary truce – the chance to see how ready the other party to comply with the terms of the agreement.

The opposition refused to recognize Russia as the guarantor of the agreements, stating that the Russian military are direct participants of the conflict. They also stated that the ceasefire agreement ignores the role of Russia and Iran as allies of the government army.

On February 22, Russia and the United States agreed to the peace plan in Syria. The agreement will enter into force three days from 00:00 (Damascus) on 27 February. The agreement of the two countries suggests that airstrikes and Russian forces, and the coalition forces, the United States will be applied only to the objects in the IG, “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (recognized terrorist in Russia) and “other terrorist organizations identified by the UN security Council”.

An agreement between Russia and the U.S. Russian President Vladimir Putin declared in a special address after talks with Barack Obama. At the same time the Russian leader said that Russia would work with the legitimate Syrian government, and expressed the hope that the American colleagues will work with the opposition.