Zakharova called bullying the call of the US authorities not to buy Russian government bonds

MOSCOW, February 25. The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called bullying the call of the us authorities, who had advised the big banks not to buy Russian government bonds.

About the warning from the Ministry of Finance and the US state Department said on Wednesday the electronic version of the newspaper Wall Street Journal. As the article says, directly prohibit American financial institutions was not made public, however, the representatives of the state Department were given to understand that the purchase of Russian bonds “would run counter to the course of American foreign policy.”

Zakharova was quoted in the briefing is an excerpt from the publication of the newspaper. According to her, a source in the state Department expressed in the newspaper the following position: “it is important that private companies in the U.S., the EU and around the world understand that Russia will remain a market with a high degree of risk, while continuing its attempts to destabilize Ukraine”.

“It’s not pressure, it is intimidation, but it’s a different thing,” he described this position Zakharova.