Apple asked the court to cancel the decision to help the FBI of hacking into the iPhone

The American company Apple went to court in California with a request to cancel the earlier adopted decision requiring Apple to help the FBI hack iPhone the suspect in the attack in San Bernardino Sayed Farouk, informs bi-Bi-si.

In its statement Apple claims that the FBI is contrary to the company’s rights secured by the U.S. Constitution, and if Apple will help the security services, it “opens the gateway” for the flow of such requirements in the future.

“This situation is not of a single iPhone”, — said in the company (quoted by Reuters). Power Apple’s claims were denied. FBI Director James Komi said that the decision of the court on request of the FBI “will hardly pave the way” for other similar cases.

He also noted that other major political issues regarding law enforcement access to encrypted data, most likely, will need to be addressed by Congress.

Apple conflict with the authorities broke out after the district court in Los Angeles on 16 February, decided that Apple should provide “reasonable technical assistance”, which would allow the FBI to access a locked iPhone Syed Farooq. He is suspected of committing a terrorist act in California San Bernardino in December 2015, when the shooting killed 14 people.

Apple CEO Tim cook stated that the request threatens the safety of Apple customers, and the consequences of such a precedent “are far beyond the legal framework”. “The government has asked Apple to crack our own users and undermine decades of work to protect consumers, including American citizens, from creative hackers and cybercriminals,” said cook.

Later, the company urged the government to set up a government Commission or expert group that would consider the impact on national security and personal freedoms on the background of the dispute of the company with the FBI.