Exchange rate of the Euro fell below 82 rubles.

The Euro on the Moscow stock exchange fell below 82 rubles, dropping to the low to 81,797 rubles, which is 1,254 rubles. below the closing session on Thursday. In previous times below 82 rubles the Euro exchange rate at the exchange fell 1 February 2016.

Continues to decline and the dollar, this morning, fallen below 75 rubles At the minimum it dropped to the level of 74,511 rubles, which 87,4 copeck below level of closing of trading on February 25.

Strengthening of ruble happens against the background of rising oil prices. During today’s trading on the stock exchange ICE cost of a barrel of Brent rose to $36,84 that is the highest rate since January 5, 2016.

Analysts attribute the rise in oil prices, with reports that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Russia agreed to hold in mid-March next talks about the freezing of oil production.

According to an analyst at Nordea Bank Denis Davydov, the markets will continue to monitor the situation and in the case of new positive signals may be followed by a new “emotional lift”.

“However, we are not inclined to rely on its duration and severity. Brent is unlikely to go above $40/bbl. until a more thorough signal on the fundamental side. Conversely, if the parties fail to agree, then sales can not be avoided, and in this case, $30 will be a test of strength,” warned the expert.

In turn, Sberbank CIB analysts point to the limited potential for further strengthening of the ruble, and the head of financial markets, the Ural Bank for reconstruction and development Vladimir Zotov expects the impact on the ruble in the next few days will have a sale of foreign currency earnings by exporters, as well as macroeconomic statistics on the USA and Europe.

To 17:00 MSK cost of a barrel of Brent crude on the ICE stock exchange was $36,53, the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange got back to the mark 74,807 rubles, while the Euro reached RUR 82,096