In Sbarro explained the problems with payment of staff salaries

Problems in the company that led to the nonpayment of salaries, some officers, started for several reasons, said in an interview “Kommersant” head of Department to improve business efficiency “Planet of hospitality” — the operator of the Sbarro brand in Russia — Roman Vorobiev. According to him, this was the result of Russian counter-sanctions, the jump in the dollar and consequent higher prices of rent in shopping centers.

Vorobyov explained that Russia’s decision to impose counter-sanctions in response to the limitations of the EU “seriously affected” the business of restaurants, “because it touched on the key products — cheese for pizza flour”. “We traditionally bought these products abroad — and I will not deny that under the old course often the price was extremely favorable. But when he imposed the embargo, we were forced to urgently look for this flour in Russia. But it did not happen,” he said, adding that Sbarro has found the manufacturer, who eventually began to produce flour especially for the network.

In addition, he pointed to a sharp jump in the dollar. After that, according to Vorobyov, the purchase prices for the Russian products has increased from 50% to 300%: “it Turns out before we bought the goods for 10 roubles conditional, and the final product was sold for 60 rubles And now the same product cost 50 rubles! And raise the price to 150 roubles we can’t — because the wages of Russians has not grown”. The result of this was that in Sbarro “dramatically increased the cost of procurement” if it is impossible similarly to raise the selling price. “We have with December 2014, prices increased by some 30%. And this is a limit on how much we can’t — people just do not buy”, — said Vorobyov.

Another cause of problems was the cost of renting in shopping centers. “The business fell into the same ambush that currency and food, only the scale is much greater. It’s no secret that 80-90% of lease contracts are concluded in the currency and is pegged to the current rate,” he said, adding that “if the lease previously accounted for 25% of the revenue that in some points she began to reach up to 50%”. While Vorobyov noted the decline in traffic in shopping centers — “people stopped buying”. “But if the traffic dropped by 70%, I like any dance, can’t cover the rent. The revenue was 2 million rubles, and was 500 thousand roubles, to me it is uneconomical to keep the restaurant and I shut it down. And competitors do the same”, he concluded.

According to Vorobyov, the Sbarro restaurants are generally 1068 employees. This debt relate to 254, including those who resigned. He also said that for payments of the debt allocated to four categories. First of all, “the money is given to pregnant women, large families, pensioners and so forth,” in the past — “those who further destabilize the situation in different stocks”.

On 21 December it became known that employees of Sbarro cafe near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya” in Moscow went on strike because of unpaid wages. In an interview with TV channel “Rain” collaborator of the network said that wages have started to hold in the last two or three years, and in the past six months, almost did not give it, only occasionally for 10-15 thousand rubles on December 30, the employees came out to protest at the company’s headquarters in Moscow.

In December, the “Planet of hospitality” has explained that the payment “had some offset”. “Currently we provide weekly payments to stabilize the situation. About it the employees are informed continuously by their direct superiors,” said the company, adding that no waive of liabilities.

In early February, the Moscow Prosecutor’s office on the audit asked the RCDS to solve a question on excitation of criminal case about delays staff salaries Sbarro. In Prosecutor’s office noted that just within the city operates 12 restaurants under the brand, Sbarro, the employees of which are decorated in LLC “brothers and Company”. “As shown by the inspection carried out at the Ostankino Interdistrict Prosecutor’s office, the employer flagrantly violated the law on remuneration of labour. The company’s debt on a salary to 52 employees for the period from October to December 2015 amounted to 1.3 million rubles”, — noted in Department.

The Prosecutor’s office asked the RCDS to solve a question on criminal prosecution of perpetrators under article 145.1 of the criminal code (“nonpayment of a salary”).