In Turkey freed told him about the arms shipments to Syria of journalists

Two Turkish journalists Cumhuriyet arrested last year on charges of aiding terrorism and espionage against the country, was released from prison, The Guardian reports.

Chief editor Jan Dündar and correspondent Erdem gül in may 2015, has published an article about alleged Turkish arms shipments to Syria. In the article, in particular, the published image, as discussed in Cumhuriyet, a Turkish truck carrying ammunition to the militants in Syria. The journalists asserted that the published pictures prove Turkey’s involvement in smuggling weapons to Syrian rebels.

The Turkish government has denied this information. Shown in pictures the trucks, said the authorities, was carrying humanitarian aid. In November, however, Dundar and Gul were arrested.

The decision to release the journalists was adopted by the constitutional court of Turkey. He pointed to violations of Dundara and Gul “to personal liberty and security” and freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

The case was remitted to a lower court to “eliminate the violations”. He now must approve the decision, writes The Guardian.