In Ukraine announced the resumption of the shares to block trucks from Russia

Activists of the radical party “Freedom” announced the resumption of the Friday action to block the passage of Russian trucks. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” was declared by its leader Oleg Tyagnibok. “We are re-blocking the Ukrainian roads from the Russian trucks and Volyn, and Transcarpathia, and Chernivtsi, and in other regions of Ukraine,” he said.

In his Facebook Tyagnibok said that “Freedom” resumes “all-Ukrainian action” Friday, February 26. He explained that “treacherous and capitulatory position of the government Yatsenyuk and Minister of transport of the Brewer.”

The channel Tiahnybok added that the party is preparing the draft regulations to the regional councils to prohibit the transit of Russian trucks. “We will go to regional councils, especially the border, so they made decisions of sessions of regional councils banning their transport on the territory of the Russian trucks”, — he stressed. On the eve of the organization “Carpathian Sich”, also organized a blockade of the Russian trucks, published in a Facebook message that urged the government of Ukraine to reconsider the decision to resume transit.

Thursday, 25 February, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that Kyiv agree from February 25 to resume transit road for Russian trucks. He noted that the Ukrainian side is ready to lift the ban only “on condition of reciprocity”. Later the Deputy head of the Russian Ministry of economic development Alexei Likhachev said that Russia will submit to the Ukraine a lawsuit in the WTO, if the problem with the problem with the blockade will not be resolved.

Ukrainian activists began to block Russian trucks travelling to the EU, in February.

The Russian transport Ministry in this regard, suspended the transit of trucks of Ukrainian transport companies in Russia. The Ukrainian government in response introduced a similar measure.