Medvedev praised the work of Kaliningrad for the resettlement of dilapidated housing

Medvedev praised the work of Kaliningrad for the resettlement of dilapidated housing

KALININGRAD, February 26. Governor of Kaliningrad region Nikolai Tsukanov reported to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on the successful implementation in the region the construction of kindergartens and housing. The head of the government, in turn, agreed to consider additional incentives to resolve the housing problem in the area.

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“The problem today (of places in kindergartens) is completely solved, we have fulfilled the decree of the President, all kindergartens are built,” he reported to the Governor, explaining that currently the construction of objects designed for toddlers aged 1.5 to 3 years. In addition, continued Tsukanov, the issue with the construction of new schools, has already prepared the necessary parts. According to the Governor, we are talking about more than 10 thousand people. “We are ready, will not fail,” he thanked the head of government of the Russian Federation for the implementation of an appropriate programme for schools at the Federal level.

“As for the dilapidated housing, the area this year entered the top three regions that exceeded the utility (settlement), before the deadline we completed,” – said Tsukanov. In this regard, he asked the Prime Minister to recommend to the housing development Fund to provide additional funds for such purposes. “You know, a lot of houses built before the war in the Kaliningrad region, plus prefabricated homes,” the Governor said.

The Governor also said that the volume of construction of new housing, the region is also listed among the leaders, and the figures increased in relation to the results of the previous year – in 2015 it was built 1.2 million square meters of housing. In the Kaliningrad region operates a program of mortgage lending, the rate at which reduced to 8%.

Medvedev has positively assessed the progress in the field of resettlement of emergency housing, Recalling that in respect to officials of the other regions had to take disciplinary action in connection with the delay in the resettlement of dilapidated houses. (For poor performance in this area this month resigned from his post of Governor of Transbaikalia, and head of Karelia received a reprimand from the President of the Russian Federation – approx.TASS). “If you do this program well, let’s think about how you stimulate to this direction”, – said the head of government.

The Prime Minister also noted that, in General, in the construction of kindergartens in Russia made a big step forward. “In almost all regions of Russia and in the Kaliningrad region including the construction of many new kindergartens. The queue you have, so you handled it well,” said Medvedev to the Governor.

With regard to the programme of school construction, which is developed jointly with United Russia, according to him, this “great work”, which is designed almost 10 years. “I hope that you are here and everything will be all right”, – concluded the Prime Minister.