Minister of justice: all the talk about the freezing of civil society in Russia – a myth

MOSCOW, February 26. The Minister of justice of Russia Alexander Konovalov believes the myth of the alleged freeze of civil society in Russia. He said this, speaking at the expanded Board of the Ministry of justice on results of work for 2015.

“Last year in the Ministry of justice and its territorial bodies received for review 75 thousand 483 application for state registration of non-profit organizations. According to the results of their consideration registered 16 315 thousand new NGOs. These indicators are more pozaproshlogodnih 16% of submitted applications and 6% for registered (NPOs)”, – cited the findings of the Minister.

“It is clear that all the talk about the sinking, paralysis, freezing civil sector in Russia is a myth and probably not very fair insinuation”, – said Alexander Konovalov.

“As a result, today in Russia thousands of 223 registered 501 non-profit organizations, including public associations constitute 44% of religious organizations is -12.7%, other NGOs – is 40.4%. 77 registered political parties and more than 4 thousand of their structural units,” he said.