NATO recognized the vulnerability of the Eastern borders of the Alliance to Russia

In the report Friday, February 26, due to be published by the Atlantic Council, six military experts — including former NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Deputy Supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe Richard Shirreff, former defense Minister of Italy and Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Giampaolo di Paola is warning users about the “lack of progress” in strengthening the Alliance, NATO began to plan after the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine.

The authors of the document referenced in Financial Times, in particular, indicates that many of the key members of the Alliance are still suffering from “chronic underfunding” and “acute shortage” in their armed forces. The report notes that, for example, of the 31 Tiger helicopter, the armament of Germany, is suitable for use only 10, and from 406 infantry armoured vehicles of the Marder can be applied only 280. Other member countries of the Alliance are simply not enough advanced to change their defence positions in an easterly direction, the authors of the report.

For the UK, “the deployment of the brigade, not to mention the division in a constant state of readiness, will be a serious problem,” says Richard Shirreff, formerly head of the staff command of the land forces of great Britain.

According to Shirreff, one of the NATO exercises held in Europe last year, had to bring tanks used in the exercises in Western Canada, “because the situation with spare parts and ensuring fleet in the UK is so dire”