Nokian recognized the manipulation tests on the quality of the tires

The management of Nokian Tyres, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automobile tires, neobezatelno recognized the claim of the Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti, announced that the company over a number of years manipulated the test results of their products. According to the newspaper, the company sent to the organizers of the tests of summer and winter tires, “special”, different from the production models. Publications have found that Nokian also studied the test results of the competitors ‘ tires and modified your test tyre so that they showed the best results.

Having conducted an independent test of store-bought standard tires Nokian, Kauppalehti, the experts came to the conclusion that their characteristics do not match the results shown in the previous tests.

In the message that appeared Friday on the Nokian website, it is noted that in previous years, when specializing in automotive topics the media receives products directly from the manufacturers in this field really used “questionable” methods. At the same time, the company assured that last year the company was forbidden to manufacture or even develop tyres designed exclusively for the successful completion of the tests.

“We apologize and regret the mistakes we made in the past”, — said the head of Nokian Tyres Ari of Lehtoranta.

He also assured that the company never used such schemes to provide options to management, which could encourage cheating on the tests, and their safety has been and remains a priority for Nokia.

During today’s trading session, the price of the shares of Nokian fell by 9.6%, falling to €29,09 apiece. According to Bloomberg, it became the strongest falling of quotations of securities Nokian since October 2013.