Oil tankers have accumulated in the port of Rotterdam in anticipation of rising prices

In the port of Rotterdam has accumulated about 40 tankers with unsold oil. This reports Dutch broadcaster NOS.

According to him, traders are unable to sell sufficient quantities of raw materials, therefore, in continuing the extraction of the overproduction occurred. The excess is stored in tankers.

The representative of port of Rotterdam Sjaak Poppe confirmed that the current number of tankers than usual. Most of them expect the increase in oil prices and, consequently, the best moment for its sale.

The congestion of tankers not interfere with the movement of ships in the port, said Poppe.

The port of Rotterdam serves as an indicator in the formation of prices of petroleum products and Brent oil, said to “Interfax”. The Dutch city is the largest petroleum port and the center of the spot trade oil in Northwest Europe.

April futures on Brent crude oil as of 9:46 GMT traded at $35,12 per barrel, according to the exchange ICE.