Pugachev has filed a lawsuit against his business partner

Singer Alla Pugacheva has filed a lawsuit against the Moscow company “Future Star”. The corresponding claim is registered by the Arbitration court of Moscow.

The lawsuit was filed on February 24, however, it is not accepted, the scope and basis is not known.

As informs “RIA Novosti”, the company is headed by a graduate of the TV project “star Factory” and partner Pugacheva business Irina Nusinova (aka Iron Kudikova).

According to the register referenced by the Agency, the authorized capital of the company amounts to 20 thousand rubles, and it was established Pugacheva and Osinovoe in 2013, on a parity basis. The principal activity of the company is to further the education of children. “Together with Alla Borisovnoj we open a new school for children of professional creative development and English kindergarten”, — was declared by kutikova (quoted by “Moskovskii Komsomolets”).

In September 2015 Pugacheva has managed to collect through court with Osinovoe more than $200 thousand and RUB 7 million under the loan agreement and interest and penalties of $57 million and 2.5 million rubles.

Iron Kudikova — Russian singer and producer, actress, a graduate and member of “factory of stars — 5 Alla Pugacheva”.