Putin on the tasks of the FSB: the terror, the protection of public funds and electoral stability

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin took part in the annual Collegium of the Federal security service. The head of state gave an assessment of the Agency’s work in 2015 and reported on the main tasks for 2016. As stated by the President of the Board of the FSB in the material.

On countering terrorism

Now it is important to securely close the Russian territory against the intrusion of militants from the Middle East and from other regions to quickly identify and neutralize those who are involved in terrorist activities abroad

  • Putin stressed that Russia during the beginning of the antiterrorist operation in Syria and confirmed that a military operation against Islamic state (is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group “Islamic state”) and other terrorist groups will continue after the truce.
  • Thanks to the work of the FSB “suppressed the activity of those underground groups and factions that were ready to strike at our country,” the President said.
  • The President instructed the Federal security service to strengthen control over the flow of refugees to Russia and through its territory to Europe, and noted that “the so-called refugee crisis arose long before Russia started anti-terrorist operation in Syria” and is not affiliated with the anti-terrorist operation.
  • The President has tasked the FSB with the task to develop cooperation with foreign partners by the UN, the SCO and the CSTO.

About the tasks of CL

Foreign intelligence agencies are increasing their activity in Russia, and the past year has clearly confirmed these findings

  • In 2015 in Russia, suppressed the activity of more than 400 employees of foreign intelligence services, stated the head of state, of them were brought to criminal responsibility 23.
  • The organs of intelligence “is necessary to put a reliable barrier on the way to information about the activities and closed the school authorities, military facilities, military-industrial complex, the energy sector and leading research centers in Russia, to block the access to the confidential information via communication channels.

On elections in the state Duma

Scheduled for the fall of the next elections to the State Duma, all constructive political forces, the party interested that these elections were held in full accordance with the law, in the spirit of fair and open competition, and their results were objective and reflected the real sentiment of the citizens of our country

  • Attempts of external interference in the course of the autumn elections in Russia will be treated as a direct threat to the sovereignty of the Russian Federation, said Putin. The President promised that such attempts will be followed by an adequate reaction.
  • The President tasked the FSB “to do everything to stop the activities of those who attempt or may attempt to use nationalist, xenophobic, radical slogans, aimed at splitting our society”.

About economic security

Of course, all important, it is important to stop any attempts of theft of public funds, but we also understand that those small, but for us, we can say that the huge resources that the country allocates to ensure its defense, not only for today but for the future – these tools should be the most reliable way protected from crooks

  • Another important area is the provision of economic security of the country, the President said.
  • In 2015, 98 suppressed the activity of organized criminal groups for the Commission of economic crimes prosecuted and convicted 2,200 people.
  • Putin ordered the FSB “to activate this work, to focus on the fight against corruption, embezzlement and misuse of budget funds, primarily allocated for state armaments programme and the state defence order”.

About information security

Obviously, it is necessary to increase the level of security of information and communication resources, primarily those used for needs of defence and state security, rule of law, sustainable economic and financial system

  • Putin demanded from the Federal security service to strengthen protection of information and communication resources.
  • In 2015 there were more than 24 million cyber attacks on official websites and information systems of government bodies of Russia, the President said.
  • Stopped functioning more than 1.6 thousand Internet resources, damaging the security of the Russian Federation, including terrorism and extremism.