Spravorossy introduce a bill to abolish the transport tax

Spravorossy introduce a bill to abolish the transport tax

MOSCOW, February 26. The deputies of the faction “Fair Russia” headed by its leader Sergey Mironov will submit to the Duma a draft law on the abolition of the transport tax. This was reported in the device of the Duma of just Russia.

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The FAS deems it appropriate to cancel the transport tax in connection with the increase in excise duties

We are talking about amendments to the Tax code of the Russian Federation. As explained Mironov, “the current tax system in the transportation industry fair as you can get”. “Many of those who took the discussion to the adoption of the law on indexation of excise taxes on fuel, was guided by the principle of “pay when you go”. Speaking even easier, lost income from the cancellation of the transport tax planned to be included in the cost of the excise tax on fuel. Only here was all very strange: the fuel price is raised, and the vehicle tax repeal forgot. Go – go pay and no – pay”, – said the leader of “Fair Russia”.

According to Mironov, it is necessary to “put an end to this injustice”. “And we are not alone in their intention. For the abolition of the transport tax in November 2012 was supported by the President Vladimir Putin and the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation supported the proposal to cancel it in 2016,” said spravoross. In his words, in the case of adoption of law will prevail, the principle of “pay when you go”. “While unscrupulous and “forgetful” officials willing to be paid for cheating, must be forever deprived of such opportunity”, – concluded the Deputy.

The state Duma will consider a government bill on raising the excise tax on gasoline of different grades, diesel fuel and middle distillates, told reporters the first Vice-speaker of the state Duma Alexander Zhukov. “We’re talking about increasing the excise tax on gasoline by 2 rubles per liter in about increases the rate of excise on diesel fuel – a ruble per liter. According to government estimates, this will give about 80-90 billion rubles of additional budget revenues”, – he said. The increase is expected from April 1. The increase in gasoline prices is associated with increasing excise taxes, will be about 5%, said Zhukov.