The border Committee: at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border has vanished the queue of trucks

MINSK, 26 February. Belarus was completely unloaded from the queues of heavy vehicles from their checkpoints on the border with Lithuania. This is evidenced by data of the State border Committee ((CCP) of the Republic.

According to operational information of the border service, at all four border crossings with the neighboring country at the present time there are no queues. With the Lithuanian side in the queue is about 50 heavy trucks. At the exit from Belarus to Latvia and back, and there are no problems with the movement of freight transport.

Earlier in Minsk counted that it will be possible to unload the Baltic direction on reaching an agreement between Russia and Poland for transportation, which expired on 1 February. On 19 February, the parties held a fifth round of talks, which for the first time were able to reach certain agreements. In particular, it was decided to exchange permits in the amount of 20 thousand pieces for each country with effect until 15 April. Until that time, the parties will continue negotiations to agree on quotas for the entire year.

Meanwhile, according to the Belarusian side, while the movement of Russian and Polish carriers through the checkpoints on the border of Belarus and Poland was not renewed. In the state border Committee of Belarus suggested that the lack of queues in the Baltic area could be due to the fact that “the logistics company for the period of uncertainty changed the scheme of delivery of cargo or suspended the implementation of contracts”. “The traffic has visibly decreased, but to talk about a serious change in the overall situation it is not necessary”, – noted in frontier Department of Belarus.