The Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg will remove from production hatchback Solaris

The Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg decided in may this year to remove from production hatchback Solaris. Such a solution is adopted “to optimize the use of production capacity”, explained to “Vedomosti” representative of the plant “Hyundai motor manufacturing Rus”.

The end of the year the plant plans to launch production of the new sedan Solaris, and in March will start the test Assembly of the compact crossover Hyundai Creta. Investments to build the two models is $100 million.

Hatchback Solaris is from 565 900 rubles, now it is the cheapest car in the Hyundai range, notes the edition. How much will it cost crossover Creta, has not yet been disclosed.

In 2015, the plant “Hyundai motor manufacturing Rus” was launched 229 500 cars Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris. The capacity of St. Petersburg plant is 230 000 units a year. In 2016, the plant plans to produce more than 200 thousand cars.

According to the representative of Hyundai, the possibility to transfer the production of Solaris hatchback at “Avtotor” where collect the other models of the Korean automaker, is not discussed.

And Kia and Hyundai are in the top 3 in sales in Russia after the dealer — Lada. Last year in Russia were sold for more 161.2 thousand cars Hyundai 163,5 thousand and the sales performance of both manufacturers, compared with 2014 fell by 10% and 16% respectively. In 2015 in Russia sold USD 115.9 thousand hatchbacks Hyundai Solaris.

In total sales of Kia Rio hatchbacks account for 14% (in 2015 has sold a little over 97 thousand), note “sheets”, but the company has no plans to abandon their production in St. Petersburg, told the newspaper the representative of Kia Motors Rus.

“The Kia Rio is our best seller in Russia, which accounts for half the sales of the brand in the country, and we would like to preserve the maximum choice from the standpoint of body type,” explained he.