The Kremlin has offered to study the issue of news aggregators

The issue of equating news aggregators to media outlets should not be “wild throw”. This was stated press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the initiative, reports “Interfax”.

“At first it [the issue] should work. Some dashing throw, of course, to solve such complex subjects it would be hardly right,” said the spokesman.

Peskov said that the issue of equating aggregators to media “clear no”. “There are different points of view, and very reasoned. To simplify this subject it would be illogical,” he concluded.

Bill aggregators equated to mass media was introduced in the state Duma on Thursday, February 25. Its authors are members of the state Duma Committee on information policy Alexei Kazakov (a just Russia) and Alexander Yushchenko (CPRF). They propose to require news aggregators to verify the accuracy of the information disseminated, and limit to 20% the share of foreign funding of such resources.

The Ministry of communications has criticized the initiative. “This bill we have not seen, he has not been officially reported, and this idea we do not like. We believe that if we bring this idea to its logical conclusion, with the same success to the media can be compared and newsagents,” said the Deputy Minister Alexei Volin. He also noticed that the authors of the bill never consulted with the Ministry, although subordinate to the Roskomnadzor specified by the Supervisory authority.

The head of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Leonid Levin said that he conceptually supports the bill. “For mass distribution on the Internet no matter the source of the message, the main importance is the speed of distribution and the form of presentation of information. News aggregators are one of the most important tools of mass dissemination of information in the Network,” said Levin, noting that “the idea was commendable” (quoted by TASS).

In conversation with the adviser to the Russian President on the Internet of German Klimenko said that he “has not yet seen the bill.” “It’s an old story that has been under discussion for about two years. May be abandoned,” — said Klimenko. — I always thought that news aggregators is a new form of media. Should they be licensed, as the media, I don’t know. But if I tomorrow needed to register a news aggregator as a media, I might be able to do it.”

As wrote “Kommersant”, under the act are sites whose attendance exceeds 1 million people a day. The newspaper’s source in the state Duma explained that he can touch up to 30 large companies, including “Yandex”,, Google, Rambler, “Vkontakte”, “Satellite”, Facebook, Twitter and others.