The media learned about the statement Ruslan Eremeev on the murder Nemcova

The Deputy commander of the battalion “North” of the Chechen interior Ministry Ruslan Eremeev, which lawyers for the relatives of Boris Nemtsov is suspected of involvement in the murder, in politics, can still be questioned. Most likely, Geremew not personally appear before the court, and send a written statement, which will reflect its position, said the Agency “Rosbalt” a source familiar with the situation.

The Agency writes that he became a famous “summary” of the statement that is ready to be Eremeev. According to his version, during the investigation of the “Boris Nemtsov” he from whom is not hidden, and participated in special operation in a mountainous area, which was carried out against participants of illegal armed formations, including those associated with ISIS (forbidden on the territory of the Russian terrorist organization), writes “Rosbalt”.

The interest to the person in connection with the “case of Nemtsov” Eremeev learned from the media, according to Eremeev, and this information caused him surprise. According to him, he was never interested in Nemtsov’s personality, no motives to feel that the policy of hostility had not been.

“Novaya Gazeta” on February 24 in the article “How to kill Boris Nemtsov” has published an operational frame shooting. The photo shows Eremeev in the lobby of the hotel “Ukraine”, follows from the caption to the photo.

It Eremeev was the real organizer of the assassination of Nemtsov, claimed in a conversation with the lawyer of relatives policy Vadim Prokhorov. He also noted that Eremeev is a close relative of the approximate to the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, the Deputy of the state Duma Adam delimhanov, Senator from the Republic Suleyman Eremeeva and the chief of the police Department under Shelkovskoy district of Chechnya Vakha of Eremeeva.

According to the version of Eremeeva, in Moscow in early 2015 he was in official trip to ensure the security of high-ranking representatives of the Chechen Republic. According to Eremeeva, any relationship to the assassination policy, he did not.