The narcodistributors in Russia for two years were 20 times more likely to use bitcoins

The narcodistributors in Russia for two years were 20 times more likely to use bitcoins

Moscow. February 25. The narcodistributors in Russia for two years were 20 times more likely to use bitcoin, said the Deputy head of investigative Department of Federal drug control service of Russia – the head of Department on combating drug-related crimes, Dmitry Buyanov at the “round table” on Thursday.

“Over the past two years, bitcoin began to use 20 times more of narcodistributors in the Russian Federation. It is a fact that we record”, he said.

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He urged to create a tool for the law enforcement that “could withstand the threat, which will pour out into our streets in a few years”. According to him, to Minister the important question of the removal of anonymity from operations and the question of who is authorized to carry out the conversion.

The Deputy Chairman of the Duma security and combating corruption Andrei Lugovoi earlier on Thursday said that MPs started a campaign for the preparation of legal regulation of cryptocurrency. “We are launching campaigns on legislative initiatives related to this notion, everything that relates to the turnover or naoborot cryptocurrency,” said meadow.

He noted that in Russia in recent time formed two mutually exclusive tendencies: some calling for a complete ban on the cryptocurrency, while others advocate the creation of reliable mechanisms of legal regulation of circulation of money substitutes and appeal to the impossibility of legislative deterrence of innovation in the financial sector.

According to meadow, this trend is inconsistent. At the same time, the attitude towards the cryptocurrency will change markedly with the development of technology and the increasing complexity of forms of financial transactions.

“If at the beginning of 2014 the Central Bank of the Russian Federation indicated their opinion negative towards bitcoin, and in this he was supported by the state office of public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, in the summer of that year it was stated that the Central Bank is a supporter of a neat approach to bitcoin (cryptocurrency), sees a significant economic potential,” he said. In the end, he continued, in early 2016 after holding number of meetings with tax authorities and business, it was stated that in the future the Central Bank can legitimize some transactions using bitcoins.

According to the parliamentarian, the unequivocal answer to this question could not give and the international community: “Europol is weak, the use by terrorists of cryptocurrency and inexpediency of its limitations”.

“The Central banks of Thailand, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador it is recommended to limit its circulation and recognize the cryptocurrency dubious financial instrument or, in the USA and many European countries – Germany, Norway, other, she, on the contrary, it is actively used”, – he said.

At the same time, according to experts, “in the global ranking by number of users of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Russia ranks fifth with 200 thousand users”. Russia has outstripped the United States, where bitcoin is used by 1.2 million people, China – 350 thousand, and Germany with 250 thousand users.

A source in the Finance Ministry told journalists that the Ministry plans to submit to the government a draft law on money surrogates through June of the current year. “With all agreed, but the regulation requires renegotiation, there are nuances of a technical nature,” he said.

As reported, the Finance Ministry has developed several variants of the draft law on money surrogates, in the autumn of last year we prepared a new version of the law on the punishment of production of money substitutes – now it’s expected criminal liability.