The party leadership in business will include well-known critic of the government

“The right thing” will elect new leadership at a Congress on 29 February, said presidential Commissioner for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov. He previously announced plans to lead Right cause and create on its basis the role of entrepreneurs.

It will be a pre-Congress, says Titov. It will elect the head of the party and of the Federal political Council. The name of the party so far will not change, he said. This will be done at the next exit, which is scheduled for spring. “We need to think thoroughly, when it will be a regional command and control system of the party,” he said .

According to him, to work on the name of the party and the strategy of the election campaign involved different specialists, including foreign ones. “Working on this, including creative staff,” — said Titov.

Businessmen in the manual

In Federal political Council will include “ideologically similar and NetSuite business” people, said the chief of staff of the party and the business Ombudsman Tatyana Marchenko. Among them a businessman, managing partner of Management Development Group Dmitry Potapenko, Vice-President of Alfa-Bank Vladimir Senin, Internet Ombudsman, member of General Council of “Business Russia” Dmitry Marinichev, a member of the Public chamber, the public Commissioner for the protection of the rights of small and medium business Viktor Ermakov, member of the Presidium of the General Council of “Business Russia” Mikhail Rosenfeld, lists Marchenko.

Potapenko has confirmed that it plans to enter the leadership of the new party. According to him, the corresponding proposal was made Titov. In the party is important for him “to deal with the economy, not politics”. “And then we have the opposite — everyone wants to do politics, not the economy,” he said.

Potapenko became famous after a high-profile speech at the Moscow economic forum last year. He criticized the “economic power” of Russia, which, he said, caused “four knockout punch” for the economy: “the criminal [grocery] embargo”, “prohibitive rate,” which is “not the Obama we did,” “the decree about the destruction of products” and “tax Rotenberg”. During his speech, he also criticized the attitude of the authorities and business, which he compared with the dialogue of the cow and the butcher. He also talked about the fact that officials perceive a hostile reception from all of the economic program, if they affect their Department.

Future members of the political Council in the work of the party already engaged Marinichev — he is engaged in web direction, says Titov. On the Internet party bets during the election campaign, he says. The billboards will only be in some regions and those candidates who they themselves want, according to the business Ombudsman.

In the future of the Federal political Council will not be the only governing body of the party, says Titov. The next exit appears and the General Council is the Advisory body will be comprised of the most influential people.

Party Titova

Titov announced plans to create a party of entrepreneurs this year. Sources in his office, then told that the party will say that “Crimea — our”, but to criticize the government’s economic policy.

Previously found that within the coalition in the state Duma from the party will go Titova Deputy Oksana Dmitrieva and parliamentarians close to her — her husband, Ivan Grachev, Andrey Krutov and Natalia Petukhova. Dmitrieva will be included in the Federal “Troika” of the party and will run for the Duma on one of one-mandatory districts of St. Petersburg.

Plans to run for the party said the head of Sevastopol “Business Russia” Oleg Nikolayev. According to interlocutors in the “Right case”, it is close to the speaker of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol Alexey Chlomo in confrontation with the Governor.

However, some members of Right cause has already expressed dissatisfaction with the change in the party. So the head of the Krasnodar branch of the “Right things” Georgy Firsov has declared to the newspaper “Kommersant”, because of dissatisfaction with the local offices of the Congress could not muster a quorum. According to him, the party members were not satisfied with the nomination as the delegates close to the business Ombudsman of entrepreneurs. Titov then announced plans to replace heads of some offices.