The Pentagon began a cyber war against the “Islamic state”

The U.S. Department of defense began waging an aggressive cyber-attacks against the militants of the banned in Russia “Islamic state” to undermine the capabilities of terrorist organizations using social networks to recruit new fighters and inspire their followers. This was reported on Friday by the Associated Press with reference to sources in the U.S. administration.

According to them, a sharp increase of the us military cyber operations has followed after last month the Pentagon chief Ashton Carter in Fort Meade, Maryland, pointed out to the commanders on the need to strengthen the fight against ISIL on the cyberfront.

The details of the operations conducted by the news Agency did not elaborate, stressing that the attack was aimed at preventing the spread of propaganda, videos and other means of recruitment by ISIL, as well as messaging on social networks such as Twitter, and the Internet in General. Moreover, cyber attacks, the Pentagon also aims to prevent militants holding financial and logistical operations in the Internet, said the sources.

AP notes that last Thursday, Carter briefly mentioned that the cyber command office is beginning to conduct operations against ISIL. He, in particular, spoke to the Committee on budget allocation. However, the details of these operations it has not.

The Agency notes that the aggressive cyber attacks against the Pentagon ISIL following several months of pressure from Carter, who, as the AP notes, “is disappointed that the Pentagon and, in particular, cyber command, losing the war on the cyberfront”.

Agency sources familiar with the visit Carter in Fort Meade, told me that Carter was upset that cyber command focused on cyber threats emanating from countries such as Iran, Russia and China, instead throwing all their forces to block communication and the suppression of propaganda campaign, Internet-savvy militants.