The state Duma has refused to honor the memory Nemcova moment of silence

MOSCOW, February 26. The state Duma refused at a plenary session to honor the memory of the murdered a year ago of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov a moment of silence.

With the corresponding initiative was made by MP Dmitry Gudkov (formally included into fraction “Fair Russia”). “Before we begin to discuss the bills, I suggest that before the murder of Boris Nemtsov to honor the memory of slain politician with a moment of silence,” he turned to the audience. Gudkov recalled that it had proposed to do a year ago, when the tragedy happened, “Duma, unfortunately, was not supported, but many MPs came up and said that it was a mistake,” argued the MP.

“I therefore propose to correct this mistake, especially since this is not a question of politics, it is a question of ethics and human relationship to the person who worked here, in the Duma, was the head of the faction, was the first Vice – the Prime Minister, the Governor, acting Deputy of the Yaroslavl Duma,” – said Gudkov.

He also noted that on Saturday, February 27, will hold a March in memory of Boris Nemtsov. “There will come tens of thousands of Muscovites and residents of Russia. So I offer to meet them halfway, I don’t think it is difficult for us to tear one place one minute,” asked the Deputy. He promised that he “will stand” and irrespective of the adopted decision invited all to join.

Received then the word of the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky stated that the question of holding a moment of silence occurs periodically in the state Duma and proposed a “simple solution.” “The state Duma by standing honors the memory of some of the victims, people only in one case – if the President declared a state of mourning”, – he explained.

“A lot of good people and (there are very sad events, but I wanted to honor the memory of (Nikita) Khrushchev, who denounced the cult of personality (Joseph) Stalin. This is much more to the history of our country than Boris Nemtsov, but we never honor some anniversary of the death, they never had it”, – said Zhirinovsky. He also noted that in the lower house of Parliament was the practice that only the Council of the state Duma makes a decision (on holding a minute of silence). “When this anarchy will end? You need to make the rules hard rule,” said the politician.

Reacting to his words, speaker Sergei Naryshkin has confirmed that, “indeed, this agreement has been, and we follow this practice”.

Co-chair of the party RPR-Parnas, the Deputy of the Yaroslavl regional Duma Boris Nemtsov was killed on February 27, 2015 in Central Moscow. Tomorrow, on the anniversary of his death, in the capital and several other cities will be a memorable event.