The state Duma has refused to honor the memory of Nemtsov on the anniversary of his assassination

The state Duma refused at a plenary session to honor the memory of the murdered a year ago, the policy of Boris Nemtsov, a moment of silence, the correspondent .

The proposal was made by the Deputy Dmitry Gudkov, a member of the faction “Fair Russia”. He recalled that last year also made with this initiative and that the lower house did not support her, but many MPs came up and said that it was a mistake. “I propose to fix this, it’s not a question of policy, and ethics and human relationships to a man who worked in the Duma, was the first Vice-the Prime Minister, the Governor, the Deputy of the Yaroslavl Duma,” — said Gudkov.

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky suggested that the state Duma revered the memory of someone only in one case — if the President declared a state of mourning. “I would, for example, wanted to honor the memory of [Nikita] Khrushchev, who denounced the cult of personality [of Joseph] Stalin. A much greater contribution to the history of our country than Boris Nemtsov. We never honor some anniversary of the death”, — said Zhirinovsky.

He also noted that the state Duma was the practice that only the Board of the chamber shall pass a decision to hold a minute of silence. Speaker Sergei Naryshkin that “this agreement has been, and we follow this practice”.

Last year hooters on his Twitter page also announced that the deputies of the state Duma did not discuss the question of how to honor the memory of Nemtsov. “In the state Duma refused to declare a minute of silence in connection with the murder of Nemtsov. We only got up with Valery Zubov, nobody else”, — he noted.

According to Gudkov, state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin did not put this question to the vote and said he has already sent family and friends Nemtsov a telegram of condolence. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, in turn, has proposed to tighten the rules for deputies. “Zhirinovsky called for tougher regulations to prohibit deputies declare a minute of silence. Only with the permission of the Council of the Duma,” — said Gudkov.

Boris Nemtsov was killed late on the evening of 27 February, on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge in Moscow. Defendants in the case are Zaur Dadayev, who is considered the perpetrator of the crime, Anzor Gubashev, Bakhaev, Khamzat, Shadid, Gubashev and Temirlan Eskerkhanov.